John & Phil

Cool, relaxed Picnic & BBQ Wedding in Hackney

John & Phil wanted something very relaxed and fun for their big day. Nothing formal, just great food & drinks and to be with their friends and family. Gone were all things traditionally thought about to be at a wedding.. even speeches! 

The venue search brought us to this amazing photographic space - what sold it was that it felt like a home that they would welcome their guests to. Big courtyard with London's finest Ukulele band, lots of tasty food and finish off with one great big kitchen party.  

Below is a few pictures from a great day in Hackney. Sept, 2014. Photo credit - Nick Ensing

"We used the Disappearing Dining Club for a BBQ party to celebrate our marriage. We had a good idea of what we wanted but didn't know if it was possible - we didn't want a traditional wedding and reception, but something more casual and fun. Dita and the DDC team took all of our requests on board, found the most amazing venue, cooked the most fantastic food and added some finishing touches that we would never have thought of. They matched what we were looking for perfectly. People are still telling us how much fun the party was! Overall, we would recommend the DDC to anyone looking to host a party or wedding - not only are they super-professional but good fun to work with."

John & Phil - Wedding, Shoreditch, DDC, Sept 2014